During the two-day expo, a host of activities are scheduled
to foster the budding relationships between exhibitors and buyers.


B2B Meetings

In a casual living room setting, buyers will be able to meet and hear about producers’ production processes. With all the time that goes into making your product, we create an environment where buyers can relax and take the time to fully experience what you have to offer. This ensures better retention of information and allows them to better promote the products purchased. 


Seminars for Exhibitors

IWE facilitates and schedules seminars where international participants gain insights and entry strategies into the North American food and beverage market.

Specialty presentations for businesses already operating in the U.S. market will also be held. These seminars will focus on increasing market knowledge and presenting new tools to maximize outcomes. 


Workshops By Exhibitors

Workshops will provide key promotional opportunities for exhibitors to connect with large groups of potential clients and partners.

Exhibitors will be provided the audio-visual aids to efficiently deliver demonstrations, visuals, and interactive presentations in the most engaging format. 


Cooking Demonstrations

As well as the tasting experiences facilitated by IWE at exhibitor’s tables, cooking demonstrations will be scheduled throughout the trade show.

Using exhibitor products, renowned chefs will prepare traditional recipes to promote both the products and the culture at the heart of IWE.